Edges, Passing, and Puck Support

Day Camp Schedule:


9:00am-11:00am: On Ice

11:10am-12:10pm: Off Ice Workout

12:10pm-1:00pm: Lunch 

1:10pm-2:00pm: Video Session

2:00pm-2:40pm: Off Ice Puck Skills

3:00pm-5:00pm: On Ice


On Ice Description:




We like to start the day off with edgework, skating, and body movement work. Over our years of teaching and developing elite athletes, we have found that getting the feet under the player is vital to being able to learn new skills that will be stacked on top of the footwork. 


Areas we will cover:


-Forward Edges

-Backward Edges

-Transition Skating (Tight Turns and Pivots)

-Forward Stride


-Weight Transfer 


Camp Focus:


Passing and Puck Support:


The traditional passing skills taught to your player today are very elementary to becoming an elite puck mover. What we will teach in this camp is how to make passes around defenders and sticks and how to create an advantage for the player you are passing to. Most players at the lower level only make passes to players when they have to, and there for most of the time they are not just passing the puck to them, they are also passing along their problems as well. This camp will turn your player into a playmaking machine. 


What we will teach:


-One touch passing

-Hook pass

-Slip pass

-Backhand passing

-Drop pass

-Area pass