Edges, Over Speed, and Compete Drills

Day Camp Schedule:


9:00am-11:00am: On Ice

11:10am-12:10pm: Off Ice Workout

12:10pm-1:00pm: Lunch 

1:10pm-2:00pm: Video Session

2:00pm-2:40pm: Off Ice Puck Skills

3:00pm-5:00pm: On Ice


On Ice Description:




We like to start the day off with edgework, skating, and body movement work. Over our years of teaching and developing elite athletes, we have found that getting the feet under the player is vital to being able to learn new skills that will be stacked on top of the footwork. 


Areas we will cover:


-Forward Edges

-Backward Edges

-Transition Skating (Tight Turns and Pivots)

-Forward Stride


-Weight Transfer 


Camp Focus:


Over Speed:


Our over speed drills are designed to push the players feet outside of their comfort zone, and push their feet faster than they thought was possibly. 


Compete Drills:


With the season around the corner, we designed this camp to get the players back into the compete frame of mind. We will design battle drills inside real game situations that will get the players back to game speed. 


What we will teach:


-Winning puck lines

-Offensive stick checks 

-Cutting off the hands


-Body contact


-Takeaway techniques 

-Board play